Key concepts

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    Smart Space:A collaborative virtual environment in which devices and application interoperate to deliver a complex functionality.
    KP (Knowledge Processor):A Smart Space client, producing and/or consuming information.
    SIB (Semantic Information Broker):It's the Smart Space core, integrating the exchanged semantic information and storing data.
    SSAP (Smart Space Access Protocol):The standard messaging protocol used by the KPs and the SIB.
    Ontology:It represents an entity in the system. Although there are some predefined ones (like for the City scope), they can also be created.
    Ontology instance:A JSON structure that represents a particular entity in the system.

Different APPS/KPs can exist within a Smart Space, collaborating and sharing semantic data.

A client might be a basic device (i.e. an Arduino board), an smartphone,... but also a corporate system (i.e. one generating OpenData information).

Inside every Smart Space there's a SIB, which communicates the Clients (KPs).

The SIB also offers advanced functionality like real-time events subscription, SQL queries among the data that flows within the Smart Space, rule definition and execution,...


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