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IoT and Big Data Platform that accelerates the construction of digital solutions and enables the creation of new business models for the Digital Age


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Sofia2 enables the transformation of your business

Sofia2 accelerates the construction of solutions that allow the disruption of businesses and their digital transformation.

Its cross-domain approach allows the reinvention of traditional systems, improving efficiency and sustainability and increasing ROI.

Sofia2 manages the Information Digital Flow

Sofia2 can integrate any system, sensor or device, processing information in real time or storing it to, subsequently, analyse it with powerful analytics and Machine Learning tools.

The platform is already deployed in different areas

Smart Cities

Sofia2 as the brain of the city, integrating information from different urban services and making decisions in real time for their optimization

Smart Energy

Sofia2 as the core of the energy efficiency, Smart Home and Smart Building solutions, allowing reductions in the consumption and improvements in performance

Smart Health

Sofia2 as the interoperability platform between medical devices, allowing to monitor patients in order to improve their security and wellbeing

Smart Logistics

Sofia2 as the technological base to track and control freight transport

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… and internationally awarded

    Smart European Efficiency Award. enerTIC 2017

    Best quality, sustainability and innovation initiative in the health sector. Ad Qualitatem Foundation 2015

    Open Digital Ecosystem Platform of the Year. TM Forum Excellence Awards 2016

    Energy efficiency Award. ANDESCO 2017

    Best Digital Idea Award. Digital Expansion 2015

    Finalist CityNext Partner of the Year. Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards 2017

    International Solution Provider. TM Forum Smart City Excellence Awards 2017

Sofia2 is more than a platform, it offers different products ready to be deployed

Propietary or third parties’ products that allow to exploit the Platform’s potential

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Innovative platform and in constant evolution

The platform evolves everyday to respond to the dynamics challenges of the Digital Era. It includes out-of-the-box and robust features but also flexibility capabilities to adapt to every client’s requirements.

We work hand-in-hand with our clients

We are involved in different R&D projects

New platform release periodically

    Indra has demonstrated a consistent track record of creating a platform business model that helps the city to deliver meaningful city services, inviting third parties to innovate within its ecosystem.

    TM Forum

    TM Forum Smart City Excellence Awards

    Currently our team is working with Sofia2 in one of the most advanced Cyber Physical Systems labs. It is good to see how the investments made in the R&D arena are returned to us as researchers or students, and as citizens too in the form of an open platform which fosters the easy creation of smart solutions.

    Juan Garbajosa Sopeña

    Principal at System and Software Technology Group – Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

    Smart Cities need to be addressed in a holistic approach counting on all the ecosystem. Because of that, the horizontal platform of Sofia2 together with the Libelium sensors make a perfect team.

    Alicia Asín

    CEO at Libelium

    Becoming part of Sofia2's Ecosystem in a great dimension project like Coruña Smart City, where complete information management is a key factor, has allowed us to position ourselves to deal with solvency in large international projects in the Smart City field

    Manuel Meijide

    CEO at Ilux

    In Coruña Smart City project, Sofia2 platform has not only positioned our city as a global reference in the Smart Cities field, it also has generated an ecosystem where our local business fabric collaborates together sharing the same objective: transform A Coruña into the best city for its inhabitants. Since its deployment we’ve been able to see its positive impact, from economic savings to energy and water optimization or traffic management. Ultimately, an improvement in the welfare indicators

    José María Ares

    Head of Technological Innovation at La Coruña City Council

    Indra is one of the companies at the forefront of accelerating digital transformation across multiple, diverse industries and delivering groundbreaking solutions through collaborative efforts.

    Nik Willetts

    TM Forum deputy CEO

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Minsait IoT Sofia2 in 30s by Sofia2 IoT Platform

Coruña Smart City by Sofia2 IoT Platform

Open Digital Ecosystem Platform of the Year Award 2016 by Sofia2 IoT Platform

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