SENA wins the 'Premio a la Eficiencia Energética' award from ANDESCO, the Colombian Ministry of Mines and Energy, Findeter and UPME

26 de April de 2017

The energy efficiency project developed for the Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje de Colombia - SENA (Colombian National Apprenticeship Service)—based on Minsait IoT Sofia2—has been awarded the Premio de Eficiencia Energética in the Public Entities category in Colombia, from the National Association of Public Service and Communications Companies (Andesco), the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Findeter and the Energy Mining Planning Unit (UPME).

The implementation of the system on IoT and Big Data technologies is one of the main initiatives of the ambitious digital transformation project that the global consulting and technology company is undertaking in this Colombian entity.

The project was born out of the need to save energy as a result of the national energy shortage emergency at the end of 2015. The monitoring of 28 sites in different thermal floors was defined, and the savings reached in 2016 amounted to $931 million. Another of the main aspects of this project has been the change in the energy consumption culture of both the workers and the more than one million Colombians who trained at SENA.

The energy saving project consists of an Energy Management System under the ISO 50001 standards of 2011, supported by the measurement and monitoring in real time of electricity, natural gas and water consumption, from an online platform to take measures in the short, medium and long term. Minsait IoT Sofia2 is the technological base of the Energy Management System of this project. It contributes to the optimisation and appropriate use of energy resources, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts, and the reduction of energy expenditure.

This award recognises the commitment and good practices in the implementation and dissemination of projects promoting energy efficiency of public and private companies in the country.

Broad experience in energy efficiency projects

Indra's global strategy is to develop new technologies and solutions for energy efficiency and sustainability in the areas of generation, transmission and distribution, as well as in industrial, residential and transport consumption. The company is undertaking several new smart infrastructure projects (Smart Grids) to ensure sustainable, safe and economic development. It is also providing consultancy to the Spanish National Energy Commission in the development of Smart Grids. Its service offering ranges from consulting and building certifications to Cloud/BPO services or the installation of energy management products in dwellings and buildings.

It has also become the benchmark in Spain for applicants for the LEED green building certification. The company achieved a 100% success ratio in the certification of the buildings it provided services to.

Indra is positioning itself through its digital transformation unit Minsait in the development of Smart Building, Smart Home, Smart Store and Smart Industry 4.0 solutions, based on new technological environments such as Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. The aim is to provide buildings, homes, shops and industry with automated monitoring and control systems.