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SOFIA2 is a middleware that allows the interoperability of multiple systems and devices, offering a semantic platform to make real world information available to smart applications (Internet of Things).

It is multi-language and multi-protocol, enabling the interconnection of heterogeneous devices. It provides publishing and subscription mechanisms, facilitating the orchestration of sensors and actuators in order to monitor and act on the environment.

Cross-platform and multi-device through its SDK, APIs and extension mechanisms that allow integration with any device.

Sofia2 step by step

How It Works

Models Data

Register on Sofia2 and modeling entities that represent your device (ontologies) from the Sofia2 console.

Connect your device

Download the APIs Sofia2 multilanguage and develops the connector with Sofia2 to your device.

Check Operation

From the console you can check if your device is sending data, make queries, filters...

Create Applications

Now you can create applications that consume, represent, react, or expose data.

Create your dashboard by wizard

From the console Sofia2 can create full Dashboards of visualization and control with Gadgets of all kinds (maps, tables, line Gauges,...)

Create guided rules

From the console Sofia2 can also create rules based on the value of data or these calculations...

Reaction to another device

With Sofia2 you can easily create collaborative applications between devices, using the API Sofia2 to subscribe to changes that occur...

Expose the information with a REST API

From the console Sofia2 you can also expose the information generated by the device as a REST API, all this without programming...


Data is collected, processed, filtered and transmitted from a connected terminal or device

Data pass through the network, which can be Wifi, 3G / 4G, mesh radio, satellite, ...

Information through the IoT network is collected and stored (this storage can be in the cloud)

Through manual analysis or automatic processing knowledge is extracted

Information about this knowledge is sent to people, IT systems, or IoT devices to perform an action

The IoT data are exchanged with other SIs, allowing to monetize and enrich them with data of 3º

Sofia2 Platform