Our History

Sofia2 borns from the SOFIA2 european project, upon completion of the project Indra decides to take advantage of all the knowledge and give these concepts a usable business insight into real projects

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  • An European research project aimed to create a semantic interoperability platform.
  • SOFIA2 development lasted for 3 years, and 18 partners from 4 EU countries were involved.
  • SOFIA2 proved its efectiveness in more than 7 pilots associated with contexts such as Smart Cities, Smart Spaces,...
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Effort yo create an IoT Platform in business

  • Integración con verticales de Indra.
  • Big Data Capabilities.
  • Analytical Capabilites.
  • Backend Integration Capabilities.
  • Customizable and extendable.
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IoT platform with real implementations in various sectors

  • IoT Standards: JSON, MQTT, REST, Reglas, CEP, API Manager, Seguridad, Assets, Device Mgt...
  • HW Independence:Android, Arduino, Raspberry, iOS, Windows, Linux,...
  • Multiplatform:Platform 100% Java
  • Simple:Manageable 100% from Web, JSON
  • Scalable:Horizontal Scalability of all parts
  • Extendable:by plugins
  • Open Source:2 versions: Community y Enterprise

Our Vision

SOFIA2 is part of Indra´s Smart Platform, serving as Bus of the entire solution that integrates a set of Indra´s assets and solutions.

Módulos Sofia2

Smart Platform Modules.

  • iCloudBroker as the MarketPlace solution to facilitate the marketing of Cloud of applications, services, components y data.
  • iDynamics as enterprise architecture, which provides facilities for the development of applications (traditional and mobile) and services that can be deployed in the Cloud.
  • SOFIA2, originally designed in the R&D project of the same name, and covering areas like IoT, M2M, and Big Data Integration in Real-Time.
  • GPaaS to extend the platform with capabilities to support the Cloud business.

Our company

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Sofia2 is Indra Platform, Indra is the leading consulting and technology multinational in Spain and Latin America. It provides solutions and services for the Transport and Traffic, Energy and Industry, Public Administration and Healthcare, Financial Services, Security and Defence and Telecom and Media sectors. As a corporate project, Indra has always been a built around a long-term vision and the firm belief that maintaining a company profile focused on innovation with a strong technological base and offering premium solutions to leading clients allow us to generate higher growth and profitability rates and, by extension, acquire the capacity to create value in the short, medium and long term.

In 2004, following a consultation and feedback period with company professionals, we therefore defined our vision as follows: "To be an innovative knowledge-based company in our relations with internal and external stakeholders (shareholders, professionals, clients, etc.), with the institutions that cultivate and develop this knowledge, and with the communities in which we operate."