Platform Versions

Implantation models

Sofia2 offers an implementation model adapted to all needs, allowing you to start with a free model and then choosing a more suitable option.

Cloud Labs o PoC

Availability of cloud environment for pilots and experiment areas

The solution located in a public cloud and is accessible via the internet.

Aimed at experimentation and proof of concept.

Amazon, Azure, Google, etc.

Try It Here

Installation of Sofia2 modules in the premises (CPD or Private Cloud) of Customers.

Solution deployed in the client's CPD.

Configuration determined by the number of instances defined for Sofia2.

Customer's own infrastructure.

PaaS y SaaS Cloud

Service (operated or not operated by Indra) available in the cloud and payment for use.

Solution deployed (operated or not operated by Indra) in cloud and offered as a service with defined SLAs.

Amazon, Azure, Google, Flex-It (Indra).