Value propositions

Platform internet of things and big data to facilitate and accelerate the construction of digital solutions

Smart Cities

City brain: integrated management of all services

Smart Energy

Optimization and energy efficiency

Smart Home

Comprehensive management of home comfort services, safety and energy efficiency solutions

Smart Health

Patient monitoring, remote assistance and decision support

Smart Banking

Mobile payment and fraud detection

Smart Security

Comprehensive management of security and control of alarms, access and surveillance

Smart Transport

Integration of systems and analytics for the optimization of services

Smart Retail

Intelligent management of facilities resources and analytics for sales improvement

Smart Tourism

Intelligent management of the resources and design of personalized offers from the experience of use

FEEP IoT & Big Data Platform Sofia2 Operation


Data is collected, processed, filtered and transmitted from a connected terminal or device


The data passes through the network, which can be Wi-Fi, 3G / 4G, mesh radio, satellite, ...


Information through the IoT network is collected and stored (it can be in the cloud)


IoT data are exchanged with other systems, allowing them to be monetized and enriched with third-party data


Information about this knowledge is sent to individuals, IT systems, or IoT devices to take action


Through manual analysis or automatic processing, knowledge is extracted

Value added

Native digital solution based on open source technologies

Recognized as leading technology by industry analysts

Accessible through APIs allowing integration with 3rd party solutions

It offers free experimentation environments that allow the creation of collaborative ecosystems

Less investment in cost and time to organizations that use it as a basis for their solutions


Sofia2 Solutions. (Pdf)