5 Potent Anti-virus apps to keep your iOS8 device free from online attacks

5 Potent Anti-virus apps to keep your iOS8 device free from online attacks

In spite of being one of the easiest means of finding information, the world of internet has never been a safe place. Whether you run a small website or a complex one, there are hackers out there who’re awaiting a single chance of breaching your online identity. With the growing threat of viruses and malwares, a large group of iPhone users have switched to installation of a good anti-virus app onto their iPhones. Today, through this blog I’d be discussing about top 5 anti-virus apps custom-made for iPhones that run at a constant risk of virus attacks so you can be rest assured you are safe when you play 올인구조대 online and claim your winnings.

Anti-virus Apps

Anti-virus App#1- Norton Internet Security

As one of the most popular anti-virus softwares, Norton Internet Security is also available for iPhones. As a free iPhone app, Norton Internet Security provides you all the special security features that are essential for safeguarding your iPhone against any kind of viruses and malwares. Two brilliant features of Norton Internet Security app include a contact backup and finding lost iPhone.

Anti-virus App#2- Anti-virus Detective

Anti-virus apps

As the name suggests, Anti-virus Detective is a remarkable iOS app that scans your Apple device for any kind of malware or virus that might have cropped into any of your files. This app deletes any such files, allowing you to get rid of all viruses and trojans as a whole. The best part of Anti-virus Detective app is that it doesn’t consume much of your device’s battery, thereby allowing you to carry on with other stuff while the app eliminates virus and malwares. Although a paid application, it is highly recommended to install Anti-virus Detective into your Apple device for ensuring maximum protection against any web attacks. The Anti-virus Detective app helps you in determining whether a file that you are intending to use is a malware or not. In addition to this, it even provides helpful links to scan the files for malware. Also, you get easy solutions to any virus related issues that might be affecting your device.

Anti-virus App#3- Intego

As one of the most powerful Anti-virus software programs, Intego intelligently scans all the email attachments, files etc. stored on your iPhone or iPad. With an easy-to-use interface, Intego comes as a handy solution for getting rid of viruses and malware that tend to interfere with the smooth functioning of the iOS device.

Anti-virus App#4- VirusBarrier

Anti-virus apps

protects your iOS device but even safeguards your PC or Mac against any malware or virus. Nowadays, with most of the virus and trojans coming in from the mobile phones, VirusBarrier is an app that stops the same from entering into your personal computer/Mac via your iPhone. As suggested by the app’s name, it acts as a barrier for all web infections that may affect the health of iOS devices. With the VirusBarrier app installed in your iPhone, you can scan all your email attachments, cloud based servers such as Dropbox etc. for viruses, spams, malwares and other exploits. Since the app works in the background, you can easily carry on with your other tasks without getting distracted in any way.

Anti-virus App#5-Lookout Mobile Security for iPhone

Lookout Mobile Security is one of the immensely used antivirus apps for iOS platforms. Developed by a US based mobile software development company, Lookout Mobile Security for iPhone app is available absolutely free of cost. With this app installed in your iOS device, you can scan all your external storage and protect your device against any internet attack. Moreover, you can also keep a track of your iPhone/iPad when lost. Some of the incredible features that make Lookout Mobile Security for iPhone a brilliant choice among iPhone/iPad users include:

The ability to set frequencies of scanning

Ability to back up all important data including files, contacts and pictures

Remarkable auto update options

Protection of iPhone or iPad against loss of personal data, monetary frauds, data theft etc.


So that was a refined list of the best anti-virus apps that work wonders for ensuring utmost security of iPhones/iPads against web infections. I would recommend you to check out the features of an app prior to trusting it thoroughly for protecting your device from malwares, viruses and other internet-driven intrusions.

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