Search Engine Optimization And Backlinks

Search Engine Optimization And Backlinks

Search engine optimization (SEO), as we all know it, is not a simple patented series of events and steps which you can readily follow to make your website rank in the search engine results page (SERP). It is an intricate step-by-step process which is sometimes better left to the hands of those who specialized in it. Yet, it is likewise good to have an idea on how the optimization is wrought about because on your own, you can also understand the “hows” and “whys” of the SEO process. Search engine optimization entails a lot of hard works and needs enough time to fully achieve its goal. Sometimes, it would take several weeks or months to achieve a high ranking website. Yet, the labor and the toils involved in the process will be amply rewarded if the optimization is neatly and seamlessly done. Moreover, optimization sometimes requires that you occasionally circumvent the rules just to achieve your goal of ranking higher in the search engine results. But before you can circumvent the rules, you need to thoroughly understand the rules and master them so that you can bend them a bit to your favor.

Google, for instance, changes its algorithms every once in a while. Hence, an SEO expert has to be cognizant of these changes in the Google algorithms to make sure that he is cognizant of the latest changes in SEO. This means that the latest alterations in Google algorithms should be scrutinized and figured out perfectly by an SEO expert so that his knowledge will be up-to-date. Only then would the expert be called an expert if he is able to keep abreast of the changing algorithms of Google and understand how these changes affect SEO.

The Principle of Backlinking

Whenever Google, for example, look at a website, it looks for signals which will serve as Google’s basis in ranking websites. If you know what signals Google is looking for, you will definitely be an SEO expert; and one of these signals is the web of backlinks that issues forth from a website. Googlebots—the online robots tasked by Google to look for these signals—usually rank websites according to the amount of link juices that flow in and out of a website. Hence, one of the pieces of advice that SEO experts would usually give you is to make sure that you have quality backlinks in your websites. You can gain quality backlinks to your website by buying PR links. For this reason, often you will be advised by website developers to buy PR links to ensure that you got quality links going in and out of your website.

I remember one time when I advised my friend in Atlanta to avail of one of the best web design atlanta solutions to make sure that his business website would land at the top of the SERP. One of the best moves done by the SEO expert that he hired was to make sure that there are quality links in and out of his website. The move paid off, and now my friend is ever thankful that he heeded my advice to hire an SEO expert to build for his business a highly optimized website.

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