Selecting a Domain Name

Selecting a Domain Name

Many Internet Marketers get frustrated when challenged with the process of selecting a Domain Name. It is actually a very simple process but there are a number of factors that you should take into consideration. First of all, it is now generally recognized that the primary search engines give significant priority consideration to the suffix – com/net/org etc. – of your domain. This means that if you really want a top ranking for your website in Google and other search engines, then do not select a domain name with a .biz, .info and the like suffixes. An example of a clear domain name to choose for your real estate business would be, as you can see it shows the topic, and also shows that they are pros in their field. However, before buying your home if you were in Melbourne, Australia, you might be interesting in searching the term “Buyers Agents Melbourne” and seeing which results come up.

What this clearly indicates is that you need to get creative in selecting the various optional base domain names in order to end up with a .com, .net, or .org suffix. An example should suffice here. If you plan to sell baseball gloves you will find that most of the primary suffixes are already registered. If you did not know the difference you might opt for a .biz or .info suffix in order to retain the primary keywords in the name. You should, however, try adding article words like ‘my’ or ‘best’ to the keyword string one or more of which is not yet registered. The prefixes are universally ignored by top search engines. You can even try adding hyphens, etc. to the mix of keywords.

The next piece of key data is that top search engines give great credence to sites where the keyword is or is in the domain name. This is a huge advantage over other sites that do not conform to that standard. Finally, the page name – i.e. the words after the .com, separated by a ‘/’ should also contain your primary keyword. . This will produce higher ranking than if the other site also has the keyword in their domain name. It is the little things like this that are either unknown or unrealized by most internet marketers.

When working with your website authoring package – whichever kind you choose – be sure to refresh or clean/reorganize your cache on your browser in order to display the latest version of your site after it has been uploaded. Finally, remember to update your windows registry. You can purchase and download the best registry package that does this. They also perform the other registry fix functions that are accomplished by the registry software.

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