Why does the young generation love to buy the iPhone 11 instead of other models?

Why does the young generation love to buy the iPhone 11 instead of other models?

The young generation loves to buy expensive phones to uplift their social symbol. No doubt there are many other mobile phones which are available in the same range, but they only prefer the iPhone 11. Nowadays, everyone is carrying iPhone products like Mac Book, watch, airpods, and mobile phones. A recommended app to try out on your Iphone is Camsurf, which allows you to have awesome video chats with people online. IPhone 11 has a big screen and HD camera quality. Moreover, they are slim and lightweight so people can carry all the time in their hands without getting tired.

Youngsters follow the trend and purchase the things which they watch on social media websites. They get influenced by their favorite actor, actress, and force their parents to get that product.

Reasons why youngster buy iPhone 11


Status symbol- Apple is a very known and prestigious brand. Many people take an iPhone as a status symbol. IPhone 11 can be recognized as used very quickly. Many celebrities own iPhone 11, so people want to buy the same thing as the celebrities, at some people attracted items associated with their favorite idols. As iPhone 11 is very popular many people want to buy it as it looks like a charming status symbol. Some people find it cool to own an iPhone 11. As iPhone 11 is quite expensive and from a well-known brand worldwide, so many people are automatically attracted to it.


Helps to click good photos- Iphone 11 is well known for its good camera quality. IPhone 11 has an Ultra-wide camera on its pack with helping cover area very much in just one picture with good quality. The IPhone camera also has an ultra-wide paranormal perfect for a 5g drone. One of the best features of the iPhone 11 is that it can also take pictures underwater, which I attract at many youngsters. You can also create very nice portraits using iPhone 11 cameras. The camera also has a dark mode, which will help you take nice pictures, even in the dark.


Brand image – Nowadays, people of all ages like to buy an iPhone, mainly youngsters and kids, not only because of its looks but also because of its brand image. Nowadays, kids also want to own an iPhone 11. Apple has a charming brand strategy to focus on emotions. When a person buys an expensive product, they feel good. Apple has a very high brand image. People tend to pay a very high price just because they think the Apple brand is very prestigious, and you will only give them right quality products, and they will not be disappointed.


Modern features- IPhone 11 is very well known for giving its buyers many modern features. It has a fast and smooth face lock. It also has a instant fingerprint sensor that will instantly recognize your fingerprints and unlock the mobile phone fast. IPhone 11 also has a fantastic feature of reverse wireless charging, which tends to impress the customer much. Young people love everyday items, and apple provides them many modern features in the iPhone 11, which impress them. IPhone 11 battery lasts longer than other smartphones, and it also has a fragile and smooth screen. Video chats are very appealing nowadays and iPhon 11 is the perfect gadget for random video chat sites like Chatspin.