Explaining Midjourney Easily

Explaining Midjourney Easily

Midjourney is a powerful artificial intelligence image creation program that operates inside Discord. It is fully integrated with Discord, which can be accessed via web browsers or desktop applications.

Midjourney will create the image you want by asking you for a description. It will then look for similar images, and combine them artistically.

How it works

Midjourney is a tool that uses AI to create stunning, realistic-looking pictures in just minutes. The program uses a machine learning algorithm that searches for statistical patterns to recreate the image. The results can look so real that they can fool even experts in photography. You may have seen a few such creations on social media, from Pope Francis in a puffer jacket to Trump supposedly getting arrested.


Midjourney can be added to any Discord server, even public servers (which have up to 1,000 users). It will automatically create your own private channel, where you can work with your prompts. You will receive links to view the images when they are ready.

Each time you enter a prompt, your program will use its advanced Graphics Processing Units in order to create four different image options. The system can take up a minute or longer to complete the process, depending on how complex your description is. You can check the amount of GPU time remaining by typing /info into the bot.

Once you have the image options available, you can modify them by using different parameters. The -aspect option can change the aspect ratio of your images, while the -no option lets you exclude specific elements from the outputs. You can also add creative tags to guide the model towards more unconventional outputs.

A tiling parameter can also be used to select the tile pattern that you want your images to be generated in. This can help you to achieve more accurate visual representations for your descriptions.

Alternatively, you can use the -seed command to select a particular seed that will be used for all future image generation. This is useful if you want to maintain consistency with a favorite set of outputs.


If you’ve ever stumbled upon an amazing picture online and wondered how it was made, well, chances are, that person used an artificial intelligence program like Midjourney. It’s an online platform that creates a digital painting from a text or image prompt in just a few mouse clicks. This program can be a game-changer if you want to create beautiful visuals and even prototypes for your product. It is easy to use, and doesn’t require any technical knowledge.

Midjourney’s image creation process begins by selecting a prompt that reflects your desired theme. You can create a dystopian scenario by choosing prompts such a robots, aliens and soldiers, or red atmosphere, and then clicking “run”. Once it is complete, an alert will appear. The image can be upscaled, finalized and enhanced with the basic plan at $10 per month or $96 per year. Or you can pay $60 annually to access the pro tier which boosts the GPU and allows faster processing.

After the initial images are generated, a row with buttons appears below. The first row, titled “U”, includes the options U1,U2,U3, and U4. These buttons allow you upscale a single image within the set. The second row contains ‘V’ icons, which create new variations of the prompt in different styles and compositions. The regenerate button will re-execute your original prompt in order to generate new images.

Midjourney provides an encryption option that is enabled by default. It also offers different options that allow you to manage the speed and costs of your creations. There is also a stealth mode which prevents other users seeing your images. Lastly, the platform enforces community guidelines to ensure a respectful and safe environment for all users.

Bottom line

Midjourney is a powerful, generative AI tool that allows users to create artistic images with little to no prior experience. It uses a mixture of user inputs and randomizations to produce an array of images for personal or commercial purposes.

Midjourney is a great option for artists who struggle to find inspiration or who want to see the kind of image they are capable of creating. Midjourney may also be helpful for those who work on projects that require photorealistic graphics. For example, concept artists for video games can use Midjourney to settle on an idea before spending hours drawing or modeling. Graphic designers can use Midjourney to create new textures and backgrounds.