Reasons To Get A Monitor Shelf

Reasons To Get A Monitor Shelf

Monitor shelves can take the pressure off your desk by lifting your screen off its base, creating space and decluttering your surface while offering ergonomic benefits.

Its primary advantage lies in enabling you to fine-tune the height of your monitor, thus alleviating back and neck strain, while improving work efficiency by making frequently used items easy access.

Height Adjustment

A Monitor Shelf is a simple device designed to raise the screen of your computer to an ergonomically more suitable height, helping reduce neck and back strain caused by prolonged periods of sitting at your desk.

Monitor Shelf

Shelf systems also help free up space on your desk, giving you more freedom to utilize the surface beneath. Some designs even come equipped with built-in storage spaces for office supplies and cables.

Though monitor shelves offer many advantages, it is important to remember that they may take up considerable desk space – something which should not be an issue if your desk is deep enough – which should be considered before purchasing one. Furthermore, monitor shelves may not always be appropriate for people working in standing positions.

Wire Management

Monitor arms provide one of the greatest benefits when it comes to wire management: hiding and tucking away wires to create a more professional appearance. Most models come equipped with cable managers for organizing network, power and video cables so as to prevent pulling or bending during height adjustment; some even feature covers to conceal them when not in use.


Monitor shelves and risers are invaluable tools for providing plenty of storage space on your desk, keeping it tidy, giving it a new feel, reducing eye strain, neck, and back pain and helping prevent eye strain from occurring.

There are other solutions available for increasing ergonomics of computer setup such as mechanical risers, monitor arms and adjustable stands which have their own set of features and advantages.