MacBook Air 2020 – An Unbiased Review

MacBook Air 2020 – An Unbiased Review

Apple has made its name all over the world for their great products and futuristic technologies. The company has released the all-new upgraded MacBook Air; it is updated with exquisite apparatus and technology. It is the first Air model to have quad-core processors, high storage options, affordable. This machine is perfect for some work from home tasks and reliable enough to play some casino and sports betting games via New Air has also removed the dreaded butterfly keyboard. The new model has also reduced prices than the previous models. We are going to review the new Air covering every aspect.


Overall Specifications

The new model comes with three colors: gold, silver, and space grey at the front and back. The dimensions of the desktop are 30.41×21.24×0.41 cm, with a weight of 1.29kg. The new Air display is 13.3 inches wide with a Led-backlit display; it offers us a resolution of 2560×1600. It implies a density of 227 pixels. New Air has the ability to perform very well as the laptop’s processor is Intel Core i3, with a turbo boost to 3.2 GHz. This can be updated to 1.1 GHz Intel Core i5. There is not much storage variant. We are provided with 256 GB, which can be combined with SSD. We can expand the storage up to 2Tb with the SSD option. 8 GB of memory is provided. This can be expanded with 16 GB memory.     


We know what the overall specifications of Laptop are, let’s review it covering every element: –


  • Design: – MacBook Air 2020’s display is similar to the predecessor to Air 2018, but it thicker and more robust. The size of the new Laptop is petty small, which makes the phone more versatile and portable. The Laptop previous model was non-retina, but this model is an IPS retina, the backlog does not have the backlit. Bezels around the display are thinner, which makes the Laptop more modern and stylish.


The most significant change made in the Air model is that company has removed the problematic butterfly apparatus and has introduced a new scissor mechanism, which can be witnessed in the 16-inch MacBook model. New keys are less-noisy and smooth to operate; the key’s layout is familiar to the previous versions except for the power button. A trackpad is also added to the tablet to use the machine efficiently.


  • Software: – New MacBook Air comes with a processor of Intel 10th generation, which allows us to perform gigantic tasks. There are variations in the processor and CPU power; you can also expand desktop performance by adding powerful hardware. New MacBook also comes with a quad-core CPU i7 and RAM of 16GB. We have connectivity of dual-band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5, HD webcam. The only problem with a Laptop you can encounter is the low resolution for a webcam.


New Apple MacBook Air has upgraded performance and hardware, making the Laptop more desirable and functional. The Laptop processor and storage are expandable so that you can expand the hardware according to your choice. Apple has made its name because of its fantastic and high-quality product, but it came with a considerable price. In the new Air 2020, this is not the case. We are getting the product at an affordable price.